What Will the Show be About?

Important tips and resources

  • We'll talk about everything to do with craft, from character creation to plot and beyond.

  • You'll get clued into great sites for children's writers.

  • We'll have downloadable transcripts with clickable links for every show.

  • You'll be able to ask questions and have them answered on the show.

  • We're going to create a short, bite-sized, easily consumable, content-rich show for children's writers!

About Katie's previous show...

Brain Burps About Books

Author Katie Davis hosts Brain Burps About Books as a "fly on the wall" show. It's all about the craft and business of publishing children's books. Interviews with experts cover publishing, creating, promoting, and writing them.

Are you an aspiring writer who'd like to know the inside scoop on how others got their books published? Kid's books? Indie books? Non-fiction? Or are you already published and want to hear how to make your book trailer? Maybe you're a librarian or teacher doing an author study or just a fan of kidlit and want to listen to booksellers, editors, authors and other experts in the field talk about the craft and business of publishing, both of children's literature and beyond.

Since 2010, there have been regular contributors and reviewers, as well as over two hundred interviews with anyone Katie believes will help you, her listener, in your quest to succeed in your writer business.

Katie Davis' traditionally published books have sold over 755,000 copies which led to her writing two self-published books for writers, both ranking #1 on Amazon. 


Some iTunes reviews on Katie's previous show 

  • Fantastic Show! 

    Katie Davis is the absolutely perfect person to host Brain Burps About Books. Her energy, enthusiasm, humor and warmth radiate through every podcast as she interviews some of the top talent in the children's book industry on topics such as craft, winning awards, or just the business in general. The show is thoroughly entertaining and informative!


  • A must-listen podcast! 
    On top of being a talented writer herself, Katie Davis seems to know everyone in the kidlit world. And she brings them to you, with her wit and energy, on her Brain Burps podcast! She even has the magisterial Betsy Bird doing book reviews! Essential listening for those of us who want to stay on top of what's happening in children's literature. Thanks, Katie, for putting out a great show time after time.


  • Funny and Fabulous

    What I like about this podcast is that the host (Katie Davis) is so clearly in love with, knowledgeable about, and a propronent of literature for children. She asks unusual questions of her guests and the whole thing just has an easy but informative feel.


  • Katie Davis is a Kid Lit Rock Star!

    As a podcast consultant, I'm very particular about audio quality. Katie has an amazing sounding podcast and her content is just as high quality. So thankful to see another podcaster out there that takes their podcast seriously! Thanks for all the hard work that you put into your show!


  • Brain Burps About Books is a fabulous podcast!!

    I was originally drawn in by the catchy name and it fast become my favorite! Katie Davis, a children's book (aka "kidlit") author and illustrator, is a very charismatic host who offers a wealth of information that aspiring and active children's authors/illustrators alike will find most beneficial. She conducts lively interviews with prominent figures from all aspects of the industry, presenting helpful advice in the form of first-hand experiences. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone interested in writing or illustrating for children!

    Jeff Fradley

About the Host

My name is Katie, and this will be my second podcast––you can read more about it above. Brain Burps About Books lasted six years and was an interview show. The Writing for Children podcast will be a resource-rich show full of great connections to sites, contests, tools, and info ... all related to writing for children.

I'll also have a Q&A segment, and when I don't know the answer, I'll get it from an expert who does. 

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