Do You Want to Know How to Write a Children’s Book?

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The Institute of Children's Literature

Advice on writing children's books from the experts who've taught over 404,247 writers how to write a book for kids and get published.

This book explains how they did it, and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

  • Where Do You Get Your Ideas? Bestselling children’s authors like Judy Blume, R.L. Stine, Jane Yolen and more share their answers. 

  • How to figure out which readership is right for you and how to get going, using writing prompts provided
  • What editors wish writers knew
  • How to get to know your main character and how to plot a great story

  • You’ll find out how to know when an idea is worth following, and how to write a smart book.
  • Five good tools that can get you into bad trouble
  • Why book sales are governed by business principles that haven't changed in 50 years ... and aren't going to change anytime soon.
  • I've taken two courses with ICL and loved my instructors. They are very thorough, knowledgable, and beyond helpful. I signed a contract for the book I was working on in the course!”

    Carolyn Savage

  • Wonderful...! I just submitted my first article to a magaziine and wouldn't have done it without the guidance of (the Institute) or my amazing instructor.”


    Alison Graves Potter

  • I found this book and thought it was great. The structure makes it very approachable and allowed me to absorb the content quickly and feel more and more confident that I can do this!

    Selma Blanusa

  • ICL rocks. You'll learn a lot.”


    Cathy Lee Taylor

  • I've taken three of their courses and it has been very informative...I highly recommend the school and their instructors.”


    Sheila Wirsch


Katie Davis

Jan Fields

About the Co-Authors/Editors

Katie Davis's books, published by Harcourt, S&S, HarperCollins, and  Diversion Books, have sold over 755,000 copies, which is why she’s  published  How to Write a Children's Book and Promote Your Children's Book, a marketing guide for writers which debuted at #1 on Amazon.

Jan Fields is broadly published through her dozens of fiction and nonfiction books for children and adults as well as magazines and passage writing for educational testing. She has edit numerous books and is the editor of two newsletters for children’s writers: Kid Magazine Writers eMagazine (2004-2012) and the Institute of Children’s Literature’s Rx for Writers. (Children’s Writers eNews).